What is multilayer PCB fabrication process?

This is a very complex process, and this post will list some multilayer PCB fabrication process topics.
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We will every multilayer PCB fabrication process topic above mention, and will build links after discussed.
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Now David will list the full multilayer PCB fabrication process below:

Dry-film Resist Coating
Inner Layer Core Material
Photo Tools or Artwork
Image Expose
Image Develop
Inner Layer Etch
Resist Strip
Automated Optical Inspection or AOI
Oxide Coating
Multilayer Construction
Copper Foil
PrePreg or Preimpregnated Bonding Sheet
Laminated Panels

Here is the mass production multilayer PCB fabrication process topics:

Primary or First Drill
Desmear – Multilayer Boards Only
Electroless Copper Deposition
Dry-film Resist Coating Outer Layer Panels
Outer Layer Expose & Develop
Copper “Pattern”Plate
Tin Plating
Resist Strip
Tin Strip
Clean and Prep for Solder Mask
LPI Solder Mask Application
Solder Mask Cure
Legend, Silkscreen, Nomenclature, Component Designator
Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)
Rout, Fabrication, Score, Bevel
Bare Board Electrical Test
Final Inspection
Packaging and Ship
What is multilayer PCB fabrication process?