Do you consider Multilayer PCB inductor

Why we should calculate multilayer PCB inductor?

Most of the time, MCPCB Manufacturer doesn’t consider this issue.
Because all MCPCB PCB boards were just one or two layers, the most layer of MCPCB is three layers.
Multilayer coil on a PCB is needed for those designers who want to create a miniature device with the use of inductive sufficiently high value.

The difference multilayer PCB inductor calculator with single layer PCB
If you have noticed some articles about multilayer PCB inductor, you may confuse the feature of the single MPCB board and normal multilayer PCB board’s.
David had asked this question to our PCB expert, he gives the answer below:
Single-layer coil on a PCB with inductance more that 10 µh usually has a relatively large size.
Do you consider Multilayer PCB inductor