How is Multilayer PCB manufactured?

How is Multilayer PCB manufactured?
To explain Multilayer PCB manufactured process, we have to introduce the material of Multilayer PCB.

The material of Multilayer PCB introduces

If you have know how is single PCB manufacturer, you can get this point more easy.
Due to some of the material, like the basic epoxy glass also can manufacture Multilayer PCB board.
The range of material combinations is extensive from basic epoxy glass to exotic ceramic or Teflon materials.

The manufactured process of Multilayer PCB

Alternating layers of prepeg and core materials are laminated together under high temperature and pressure to produce Multilayer PCBs.
This process ensures that air isn’t trapped between layers, conductors are completely encapsulated by resin, and the adhesive that holds the layers together are properly melted and cured.

The adhesive layer is important

The adhesive layer is basically fiberglass that is still soft needing to be heated in order to become rigid. It acts like a glue to keep the inner core adhered to the outer copper foil.

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How is Multilayer PCB manufactured?