Top Three Advantages of Hard Gold Plated

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In previous articles we have introduced the Hard Gold Plated technology.
In this paper, we are going to discuss the advantages of Hard Gold Plated.

Firstly Hard Gold Plated can provide good performance

You know Hard Gold Plated have a durable surface due to its parameter.
That’s the reason why so many rigid PCB board use Hard Gold Plated as a surface finish solution.

Secondly Hard Gold Plated solution very green

You know, more and more people care about the environment.
So more companies need a green PCB board.
In small rigid PCB manufacturer, likely use Pb material to handle surface finish.
But Pb is not very green for the environment.
That’s the reason why so many high end companies require Hard Gold Plated surface finish.

Third is Hard Gold Plated can provide Long shelf life

You know the surface finish life time is very important.
If the surface finish has a short life time, can now protect the circuit layer.
This means the lifetime of rigid PCB is related to surface finish’s.
Hard Gold Plated can provide longer shelf life than most surface finish solutions.