Top five situations need to make a panel for PCB

Top five situations need to make a panel for PCB

In this paper, we want to discuss why we should make a panel for PCB design.
If you have visited a PCB fabrication company, you will find most of PCB design as a panel to manufacturing.
4MCPCB experts will main contain Top five situations need to make a panel for PCB.
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Top five situations need to make a panel for PCB

Meet rigid flex PCB mechanical structure requirement

During the PCB manufacturing steps, there were many requirements for mechanical.
Special in CNC drill or rounting process, require the PCB material have good mechanical.
Or can not get right precision rigid flex PCB board.
Even in some simple PCB boards, like metal core PCB, also require making a panel for mechanical consideration.

Consider the solder pad of the component to close the PCB edge

The solder pad of the component is a very important point to rigid flex PCB assembly process.
Not only the quality of the solder pad, but also the distance between the solder pad and the PCB edge can affect assembly quality.
Here Two suggestions from our decades PCB experts below:
If the distance between solder pad with the PCB edge is less than 4.06MM in top layer rigid flex PCB board.
Then the bottom layer, this distance can be reached 5.08 MM.

Consider the distance between the solder point with the edge of the plate

Similar to above, the top layer is less than 4.06MM, and the bottom layer is less than 5.08 MM.
If you have asked some rigid flex PCB designers, most of them were followed those PCB experience.
Also have some special situation, will design a panel for PCB.

Consider the shape during the assembly line

If you have visited the rigid flex PCB plant, you will find some of the PCB have irregular shape or size.
This mean can not successfully through the assembly line.
So make the panel can easy to through the rigid flex PCB assembly line.
That’s the reason why most of the rigid flex PCB will be design panel.

Consider the efficiency of rigid flex PCB manufacturing

In mass production PCB manufacturing, the efficiency is very important.
Make a panel for PCB can be most cost down improve the efficiency.
Special big PCB manufacturing companies, will be more consider panel design to cost down.