The prepare process of copy multilayer PCB

How to copy multilayer PCB?
The copy PCB board is a very complex issue, David want use a series articles to introduce the copy multilayer PCB topic.
This part will be discussed the first step of copy multilayer PCB.

The prepare process of Copy multilayer PCB

The first step, get a piece of PCB, keep records on paper of all molds, parameters, and location of the components, especially the direction of the diode, three machines and IC gap.
If you have visited a copy PCB factory, you may know the gap was very important.
Because too small gap will make copy unclear photo, and to large gap may require more digital cameras.

Digital cameras are important for the copy multilayer PCB process.

Besides the PCB board prepare, copy multilayer PCB board factory also prepares digital cameras.
Best to use a digital camera to take a photo of the locations.

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The prepare of copy multilayer PCB process