From a solder question to understand how to solder multilayer PCB.

How to solder multilayer PCB?
This question is from some green comer of electronic factory.
Here David has collected some friend discuss on the MCPCB board forum.
You may think this is very simple, but to most solder multilayer PCB green comers, those questions also have some difficulties.

Back to solder multilayer PCB topic.

One of the typical question have listed below:
I need to safely remove a through-hole DIP IC from an old ISA sound card.
The board doesn’t matter and can be trashed.
I´m not sure if it´s double-layer or multi-layer.
The holes seem very tight on the pins and there´s solder on both faces of the card, on all pins.

You know solder multilayer PCB is difference way from above.

But if you can understand his question, also can understand solder components on the multilayer PCB.

And here is a friend’s answer for this:

The best way to remove this IC is by using a very expensive vacuum Desoldering iron.
The second choice is to get a cheap Desoldering iron like the Weller DS-40.
You can also use the non-heated pump vacuum type in combination with some type of solder wick. In all cases, you should also use liquid RMA flux.

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From a solder question to understand how to solder multilayer PCB.