The second step of copy multilayer PCB board

Previous post we have introduced some prepare the process of the copy multilayer PCB board.
If you want to copy your multilayer PCB just one time, David recommends you go back to have a look.
Because the prepare process of copy multilayer PCB was really important.

The second step of copy multilayer PCB board introduce

This part we will introduce a second step of multilayer PCB board.
Indeed, remove components or the tin in PAD hole belong to the prepare process of multilayer PCB.
But David thinks remove action were different from tool kit prepare.
It’s require you have rich PCB experience and careful skill.
By the way, most of copy projects fail due to remove step halfway.
So most MCPCB fabrication were prefer deal with clearly multilayer PCB works.

Clean the multilayer PCB and begin scan

Then use alcohol to clean printed circuit board, and then turn into the scanner, start PHOTOSHOP software, with a color screen to scan the silk screen side, save the file and print out.
This process precision were depending on your choose scanner.
If you have any questions about remove step or scan process, please contact us.
The second step of copy multilayer PCB board