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Do you know the LED heart circuit manufacturing process?

To learn LED heart circuit manufacturing process, First off you should know the construction of LED heart circuit. In fact the construction of this type board has been some with normal LED circuit board, just the shape has been a heart. A thin layer of thermally conductive but electrically insulating dielectric is laminated between a […]

Top 4 uses for the led flasher circuit kit

There are many possible applications for the led flasher circuit kit below, especially for kids, who love flashing lights. Here’s top 4 possible uses for the led flasher circuit kit. Safety blinkers for bicycles, etc. Fun stuff for Halloween, Christmas decorations. Blinkers to locate items in the dark.

PCB experts introducing LED circuit stickers for you

The definition of LED circuit stickers There were many PCB guys don’t know what is LED circuit stickers. To be honest, Jim also read some content about it just now. Anyway we will give you the really definition of LED circuit stickers. Circuit stickers are peel-and-stick electronics for crafting circuits. The use area of LED […]