Leading Chinese High-Frequency circuit board raw material

Leading Chinese High-Frequency circuit board raw material

Why we discuss Chinese High-Frequency circuit board raw material

This post will discuss leading Chinese High-Frequency circuit board raw material.
There were so many High-Frequency circuit board manufacturers in China, and most of them will announce that top brand and high quality.
We don;t want to discuss about who is the top or No.1 ranking High-Frequency circuit board manufacturers.
On the other hand, we are going to talk about Chinese High-Frequency circuit board raw material situation.
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High-Frequency circuit boards are the Trends

The advent of 5G in 2020 and future ICT technology trends will make data storage, transmission and computing experience explosive growth. The demand for high-speed, high-frequency material will also grow. For high-frequency material, the main application will be wireless transmission and reception that contains a huge amount of data, and network signal coverage.

Base-station wireless signal transmitting and receiving frequency has been increased from the old, sub-3 GHz to 6 GHz range. To meet the demand of point-to-point transmission, the frequency of supporting coverage network has reached 28 GHz and 39 GHz or even higher into the millimeter wave frequency band. Automotive radar application has reached 76−81 GHz millimeter wave band. The main challenge in high-frequency application R&D is to achieve stability, ultra-low loss. Through strict process control and a quality assurance system, we can ensure product consistency. In the meantime, in multilayer board design, we have to take into account the substrate thermal conductivity and processability.

Today, more and more substrate manufacturers are entering the high-speed material sector; the competition is getting more intense. There are so many products in the market, but good quality high-speed product is not that simple. Because the application is very different for high-speed, high-frequency material, the adhesive technology, performance design, manufacturing process, quality control, testing methods and supply chain management are quite different from traditional FR-4 products.

The traditional way of thinking in R&D and product management is a model that should be avoided. From a product development point of view, to develop product that meets market demand is not an easy task; it reqiures technical capability, continuous innovation, capital investment from the company, and a strong market validation and development team. From a marketing point of view, the one who has the most advanced technology will dominate market opportunities.

The biggest challenges we have encountered in high-speed, high-frequency material R&D and manufacturing are the formulation technology in product technology, such as product cost design; performance design; corresponding product manufacturing process technology; quality management. Additionally, high-frequency, high-speed material will ask for much better performance from supply chain management in the future. How to optimize and integrate supply chain resources to achieve mutual growth will also be an important issue for high-frequency, high-speed material.

Source:High-Frequency, High-Speed: an Opportunity for China CCLs to Lead