High-speed PCB market share become more bigger

High-speed PCB market share become more bigger

The reason why introduce high-speed PCB market share

We have discuss many posts about led PCB manufacturers or metal core PCB.
High-speed PCBs are very difference PCB type.
It’s have more complex than single-sided PCB board, and have high-speed PCB market share become more bigger.
That’s the reason why we have talk this topic.

China high-speed PCB market introduce

China’s high-frequency, high-speed PCB market development is closely related to the global market. It is, and will always be, an important part of global electronics manufacturing and consumption. Shengyi Technology has been planning for the high-frequency, high-speed market for 15 years. Back then, we were still in the technology accumulating phase. We continued to keep up with global PCB technology trends and technology. Of course, high-frequency, high-speed PCB market is only one part of what we are tracking.

The ever-changing market in recent years has proved that only independent R&D with constant improvements in process, technology, quality, business management and continuous innovation will pay out. We admit that there was some distance between Chinese and Japan and U.S. manufacturers, but it has been shrinking in the past 10 years. Today, this distance is little; in some technology field and products, we have surpassed Japanese and U.S. manufacturers, posing a serious threat to their once dominant market.

Market demand is constantly changing, product application continues to refine, along with new processing, and supporting technology innovations will make us change. This is just the reason we are still insisting on independent R&D and innovation. We keep track of any market changes. We value every single customer feedback of new demands. We also thank Japanese and U.S. manufacturers who are competing with us and set obstacles for us. The world is always changing and developing; the only thing that is constant is change, and China’s high-frequency, high-speed PCB market is also changing.

Gu: In this area, what is the main advantage of Chinese companies? Will this advantage provide global competitiveness?

Lin: The PCB and CCL market is an area where international competition takes place. To some extent, since the reform and opening policy, China’s domestic market has grown to the largest electronics manufacturing and consumer market in the world, with a huge market demand. Therefore, the biggest advantage of Chinese industry is overall industry chain that was developed over decades of technology accumulation and market cultivation.

The Chinese electronics industry is well experienced in international competition. We have also experienced a number of industry development cycles. The Chinese electronics industry experienced almost 10 years of rapid development after 2000, which is related to the world economy and global semiconductor development trends.

Of course, we are also aware that China’s development in recent years is different from 10 years ago (before 2008). In 2000, the global manufacturing industry, including the electronics industry, was moving to mainland China. Back then, China’s main advantages were a huge market potential, low labor costs and government reform and opening economic policy. Today, the advantages of China’s demographic dividend are disappearing; environmental protection and other policies and regulations have become tighter, although China is still an important growth point of world economy, to the extremely cost sensitive manufacturing industry. Labor costs and regulations will seriously affect the whole Industry, including CCL, PCB and supporting sectors.

In recent years, the entire electronics industry, especially the PCB manufacturing industry, is moving to Southeast Asia and India. The Trump administration also wanted to “bring manufacturing back to the U.S.,” hoping that real economy could support the U.S. economic development. This will have some impact on China’s electronics industry and manufacturing, but mainland China has been the global electronics manufacturing base for 30 years; I am afraid it is not that easy to change.

Mainland China still owns more than 65% of global PCB market share in 2016, and maintains a growth rate above 7.5%. In terms of high-frequency, high-speed, China’s biggest advantage is that Chinese companies have been breaking through in some cutting-edge technology and industry, challenging Europe, U.S., Japan and other developed countries which are dominant in technology and market for decades. We will stick to independent R&D, domestic production, use domestic supply and provide our customers with professional, high-quality technical support and supporting services. China is actively developing a semiconductor industry, according to China’s strategic policy. Dominant in semiconductor industry dominates the entire electronics industry.

In this context, Chinese companies are actively doing industrial transformation and upgrading and have achieved some results. They are going upward from the low value-added competition. In the future, Chinese companies will continue to maintain their leading position in top-level global manufacturing competition. Among them, of course, is high-frequency, high-speed.

Source:High-Frequency, High-Speed: an Opportunity for China CCLs to Lead