Flexible Circuit Board Material: Copper Foil

This is a series article discussing the flexible circuit board material.
And each article we will focus one type material introduce, so this time we will discuss something related to Copper Foil.

Two types of Copper Foil

If you have asked some older flexible circuit board designers, they may named it as Cu Copper or Copper Sheet.
In fact, it’s the some flexible circuit board material. So we will use Copper Foil in below content.
One type Copper Foil named Rolled Annealed Copper, or named RA Copper Foil.
Then the other named Electrodeposited Copper, or named ED Copper Foil.

Different Copper Foil type has different characteristics

Due to two types Copper Foil used different manufacturing method, there were some difference in application.
But which one is the best option? So Emma has summary those two Copper Foil compares.

ED and RA Copper Foil cost compare

First of all, we compare flexible circuit board average cost here, if you have any different view, please contact 4MCPCB.
ED Copper Foil manufacturing cost is lower than RA Copper Foil’s.

ED and RA Copper Foil performance compare

ED Copper Foil is more fragile.
This means when uses ED Copper Foil manufacture, more easy break.
RA Copper Foil is highly flexible, so the FPC copper foil gives priority to with RA copper.

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