All things about the history of flexible PCB

Flexible PCB meets The demand connection of the telephone industry

To know the history of flexible PCB, can help us understand electronic more clearly.
As we know telephone have created at the beginning of the century.
Early researchers in the burgeoning telephone industry found flexible PCB can meet the demand connection of the telephone.
And alternate layers of conductors and insulators connection method.
So in some words, the flexible PCB is created due to flexible connection requirements.

The first patent of flexible PCB

Flexible PCB has the good connection ability.
And the manufacturing process has many differences with today.
The first portion of flexible PCB was in 1903.
An English factory found coating paper with paraffin and laying flat metal conductors can manufacturing flexible PCB.

The difference manufacturing method of flexible PCB

Around the same time, there was another manufacturing method of flexible PCB in the early 19th.
It’s created by Thomas Edison.
First, coating linen paper with cellulose gum.
Then tracing circuit on the gum with graphite powder.
This method is very similar with nowadays use method.

The production scale developing of flexible PCB

The late 1940s brought in mass production techniques.
Most important most of mass flexible PCB production method were created at that time.
As the consequence of photo-etching circuit method, the flexible PCB board has become more popular.
And the etching flexible substrate method is almost replacing wiring harnesses method.
If you have visited some PCB process, you will find the etching copper method is widely used most PCB manufacturers.

The latest manufacturing technically of flexible PCB

Now more and newer technologies have use of flex PCB manufacturing process.
Like some flexible PCB manufacturers use the audio of active as well as passive components of flex silicon technology.
This means that flexible PCB has the ability to integrate semiconductors.
That’s the reason why more and more flexible PCB have become thinner.
All things about the history of flexible PCB