Is The hourly rate of audio PCB cost meaningless?

Audio Productions has become more popular, and the demand of the audio PCB board also have increased.
Some startups do not have PCB engineer, not RD department.
Even some of them don’t know the difference between metal core PCB and rigid PCB board.
So, we want to more guy to know the audio PCB manufacturing in few steps below.

How to determine the audio PCB cost?

Some time the audio PCB engineer, managers tasked with outsourcing PCB layout face a daunting challenge.
Comparing the total cost of multiple layout quotes is not very easy.
The first factors related to audio PCB layout cost is hourly rate.
You know everyone company has each own hourly rate.

Usually the cost of audio PCB layout is determined by multiplying the estimated hours by an hourly rate

Why there were some low cost audio PCB service?

You know difference audio PCB manufacturers have each own hourly rate.
Generally speaking the loss cost PCB service come from low hourly rate factory.
But it’s easy to make up for it by estimating additional time.
Some time is from PCB component.
Is The hourly rate of audio PCB cost meaningless?