You should know two difference flexible PCB fabrication process

Why we introduce flexible PCB fabrication?

This paper will focus on flexible PCB fabrication introduce.
Now more and more smart devices are using flexible PCB assembly.
Due to flexible PCB has significant advantages over rigid PCB, special in flexible performance ability.
But why flexible PCB have those advantages, and how produce a good flexible PCB fabrication?
Go deep into reading detail.

Two fabrication theory of flexible PCB

This title may differ you know flexible PCB fabrication process before.
But Emma wants to clear that it’s true that have two difference flexible PCB fabrication method.
The first one is used subtractive method produce a flexible circuit layer.
This is widely used in China flexible PCB fabrications now, and is also used by most other countries’.
The second is use additive processes to get the flexible circuit layer.

The subtractive flexible PCB fabrication process introduces

Here just simply introduces the subtractive flexible PCB fabrication process.
This method to generate circuit pattern use photo imaging method.
Now most flexible PCB fabrications are this method due to its very economic.
Then also very easy to NPI process.
In fact, this process, not just one or two words, it’s a very complex flexible PCB fabrication process.
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The added flexible PCB fabrication process introduce

This is not very wide flexible PCB fabrication process.
Just use in some college or hobby.
But Emma think it can help use understand all PCB fabrication process more easy.

This flexible PCB fabrication uses the dielectric layer upon the surface of the board.
There are numerous methods of adding the flexible circuit to the PCB.
But none of them can compete with the first flexible PCB fabrication.