PCB flex bending performance discussion

The reason why PCB flex bending performance discussion

This articles will discuss some technical related to PCB flex bending ability.
PCB have many types, not all of them have good PCB flex bending performance.
How to measure PCB flex bending ability, or what technical factors related this?

Discuss 4-16 flexible PCB bending ability

First of all, Emma want to clear that we discuss more 4 layer PCB flex bending ability.
Because most 1 or 2 layer flexible PCB have good bending ability.
And more 4 layer flexible PCB board must consider it’s PCB flex bending ability.
Then 1 or 2 layer flexible PCB applications are simple and don’t need much more PCB flex bending ability.

The flex PCB bending performance introduces

Every engineer has their own flex PCB bending design habit.
Even in some flexible PCB project, also have difference flexible PCB bending design ways.
The flex PCB bending performance can range from a basic 90 angle to fit to a full dynamic flex with 360 angles.
It’s very hard for most 4-16 flexible PCB board, because flex PCB must withstand continuous cycles throughout the product life.

Flexible PCB designer to discuss bending radius

Flex PCB bending radius is an important factor for the flexible PCB board.
Because the bending radius controls the flexibility of the flexible portion of the PCB board.
In other words, lower bend radius means your flex PCB have better flex bending ability.

Our 4MCPCB flex experts told Emma that the thinner flex PCB material has lower bending radius.
So thinner flex PCB have more flexible and the flex PCB bending ability.

The flex PCB material also effect the bending ability

First of all, we should to learn the material type of flex PCB board used.

Usually flex PCB board have use those five Materials type:
RA copper, THE copper, FR-4, polyimide, adhesive
Mixed materials including RF and high speed, standard FR-4, polyimide flex.
Adhesiveless or adhesive based polyimide flex constructions, with cover coat or flexible solder mask materials.
PCB flex bending performance