You should know those factors related to rigid flexible PCB cost

Rigid flexible PCB cost effect factors

We have discussed flexible PCB price, but how about the rigid flexible PCB cost?
This paper will focus on low cost of rigid flexible PCB effect factors.

Scoring is first Low Rigid Flexible PCB Cost Factor

Most rigid flexible PCB has use scoring.
Due to scoring process is the most economy shapes rigid flexible PCB method.
But what is rigid, flexible PCB scoring?
This is a “v” groove cut into surface finish of the rigid flexible PCB.
Both the top and bottom surface have to scoring process.

How to calcute the cut scoring of rigid flexible PCB

The main factor related to rigid flexible PCB cost is the cut depth of scoring.
There were two method to calculate the cut depth of scoring.
One is from rigid flexible PCB manufacture experience, it’s 0.017″.
The second calculate is 1/3 of the finished thickness.
But we should compare two above results, the lesser one wil be choose as scoring cut depth.

Rigid flexible PCB basic materials choose

You know there were so many PCB material types.
Differ PCB material have produce difference rigid, flexible PCB cost.
Some time the PCB material cost is 60 percent of total’s.
Due to so many PCB, basic material types, we cannot discuss all rigid flexible PCB basic material.
If you want to learn more, please read flexible circuit board material.
Rigid Flexible PCB Cost