Top three factors effect flexible PCB price calculate

Why flexible PCB companies don’t want discuss it’s price?

Flexible PCB price is the most important competitive factor for most flexible PCB companies.
And most of them don’t want to discuss more about flexible PCB price.
Because they don’t want to make thin margin do their flexible PCB business.

Complex Manufacture process makes flexible PCB price hard to calculate

The second reason is a flexible PCB manufacturing process is very complex, and hard to calculate flexible PCB price very exactly.
Special in some big flexible PCB plants, there were mixed several flexible PCB orders in product line.
And small flexible PCB companies also have some problems to calculate flexible PCB price.
Because some of the flexible PCB manufacture process has to outsource.

Non-standard design will increase flexible PCB price

Some flexible PCB design is non-standard.
This factor doesn’t mean the flexible PCB designers were not professional.
In other words, most non-standard flexible PCB design were under their standard PCB design standard experience.
It’s true that most of the flexible PCB design process has to meet special requires, and some require being non-standard.
That was the reason why design by non-standard will increase flexible PCB price.
Top three factors effect flexible PCB price calculate