Two methods of MCPCB manufacturing process

There were many PCB guy don’t know the detail process of MCPCB.
This post will discuss about MCPCB supplier methods process.
In general same as with normal PCBs there are two ways to fabricate an MCPCB: lamination and build-up.

Some MCPCB supplier use Lamination produces

This manufacturing method was not used widely.
Because the process has outdated by most MCPCB supplier thinking.
First means that you’ll have a thin layer of FR4 with races on it (can be multi-layer). The FR4 can be really thin, as in 0.2mm or so.

Some MCPCB supplier use build-up producing

The second way is to make it micro-via style, which means that the dielectric is deposited from liquid form. These layers can be thinner (better thermal conductivity), but usually so are the traces.
More and more electronic companies have use choose this type MCPCB board.
So most MCPCB suppliers will use micro-via style to produce.
Two methods of MCPCB manufacturing process