Turnkey PCBA service V.S. Partial Turn-key PCBA service

The benefit of partial Turn-key PCBA service

Partial Turn-key PCBA is our regular practice.
This means that you offer the main devices and components.
Then we source the rest PCBA components for your project.
In other words, you have flexible options for your PCBA components.

The key factors for Partial turn-key PCBA service

For most customers, the delivery is the main factor.
If customers can not received the PCBA on time, all the service are none.
Then our rich PCBA engineers have told us there were added three more key factors for partial turn-key PCBA service.
Those are parts price, quality and availability.
If you choose 4MCPCB partial turn-key PCBA service, we will ask for your approval on every detail of those key factors.