The right understanding Lead Time of PCBA

How to choose the right Lead Time of PCBA?

Most of time the shorter lead time PCBA services are most welcome.
Every customer also wants to get the quality PCBA board within the shorter lead time.
Fortunately, most of China PCBA plants can provide good lead time.
Even some of PCBA companies give you 12 hours to 48 hours lead time.
As a professional PCBA supplier from China, 4MCPCB also can provide so shorter lead time PCBA service in organic.

But consider the cost and the quality of PCBA board, most of regular turnkey PCBA service have 7 workdays lead-time or more.
Usually this it the reasonable for most customers.
So 4MCPCB experts suggest choosing appropriated lead time option.
Not only fit your schedule arrangement, but also consider your PCBA budget.

How to calculate the lead time of PCBA?

We have discus PCBA Turn Time in the previous post.
Most of time the lead time of PCBA is some with the PCBA turn time.
But our PCBA engineer told us that also have some differences between PCBA lead time with PCBA turn time.

The lead time of PCBA calculates formula is very complex, or there was no exact formula to use.
Most of PCBA lead time depends on assembly experience.
If you have read our turn time article, you may know the turn time is begin after all components and documents are ready.

The simple understanding Lead Time of PCBA

To avoid confusing most new PCBA guys, simply say the lead time is from our start to assembly to end the procedure.
In other words, the lead time of PCBA is not from the PCBA order start time.
4MCPCB engineer will do most effort to shatter your PCBA lead time.