Top Two factors related to PCB design quote process

Angel have introduce some post about the PCB design quote.
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This post will focus on some factors related to PCB design quotes China.

First affected factor is the standard of the PCB

If you have visited some PCB factory, you may know the importance of PCB standard.
Not only during the PCB manufacturing process, but also check the board when finish produces.
And different industry requires a different standard.
For example, if you place an automotive PCB design quote, the ISO/TS 16949 standard is required.
So if you want place good PCB design quotes, please notice the standard of the PCB.

Second is the file of PCB design quote

There were many PCB design softwares, and difference industry or engineers have recommend software.
But to most PCB design companies, the file format is not very big issue due to they can use most PCB design software to work.
So if you outsource your PCB design project, you have to notice the file format of PCB design.
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