Top 4 advantages of MCPCB for LED Lighting

You know there were so many LED lighting types, most of them were used MCPCB for assembly.
In fact, also have few companies didn’t use MCPCB board for their LED lighting project.
So this post is focused on discuss PCB for LED lighting.

Energy Efficiency of LED lighting

MCPCB for LED lighting bring too many advantages, the energy efficiency is first one.
LED lighting saves much energy compared with other light source.
Due to MCPCB construction have better heat dissipation performance, increase the energy efficiency rate.

Long Life of MCPCB LED lighting

If you have notice the life of normal lighting, you will amaze by MCPCB LED lighting life.
The life time MCPCB LED lighting up to 100,000 hours.

LED lighting Available in a range of colors

Now more customer has unique require to the color of the lighting.
If you choose the normal lighting, it may difficult to change color.
But if you choose MCPCB LED lighting, you can easy to achieve it, like red, blue, green and the widely used white color.

Durable of LED lighting

If you have read our articles about LED bulbs, you will be know how trouble of normal bulbs.
But if you chance a MCPCB LED lighting, don’t need to change bulbs frequently.

Top 4 advantages of MCPCB for LED Lighting