Through-Hole LED circuit maker introduce

The constructions of through-hole LED circuit

If you don’t this type LED circuit, you may feel fear.
Take it easy please, in fact the constructions just add some layer in normal three layers LED PCB.
In the most complex constructions a layer of aluminum can form a ‘Core’ of a multilayer thermal construction.

How make an LED circuit in a factory?

There were many LED circuit factories in China, not all the PCB manufacturing process was the same.
But most of them have the same process. Allen just list some normal LED circuit board manufacturing process.

The aluminum is pre-drilled and backfilled with dielectric prior to lamination.
Thermal materials or sub-assemblies can be laminated to both sides of the aluminum PCB using thermal bonding materials.
Once laminated, the completed assembly is thru-drilled similar to a conventional multilayer PCB.
The plated through holes pass through the clearances in the aluminum to maintain electrical insulation.
Alternatively a Copper core can allow both direct electrical connections as well as with insulated through holes.
Through-Hole LED circuit maker introduce