Three things when use PCB production quote service you should know

Design issue related to the PCB production quote

PCB production quote is very professional process.
Many PCB sales say they can provide all specification type PCB boards.
But Angel wants to show an against opinion, design or other issue make the PCB production quote very different.
If you have placed an order for your PCB supplier companies, then want to change the design file.
The professional PCB companies will re-research the new Gerber file, and have to re-quote for your PCB production order.

The price of PCB production quote not always same

Above we have introduce the design factor and the PCB production quote relationship.
If you have visited a professional PCB factory, you must know the design file of PCB board was so important that all PCB manufacturing process follows.
Change Gerber file means change all the PCB manufacturing process.
Most of the time the price of the PCB production quote also have to chance.

The deadline time of PCB production quote

Due to global economic recession, there were many factors related to the PCB production quote.
For example, the price of PCB production material change, or import policy change and so on.
If you have place a professional PCB production company, all the quote contract have the deadline time.
And all the quote also has to consider the deadline time.
Three things when use PCB production quote service you should know