Three factors of use PCB layout online quote

Angel have introduced many articles about the PCB online quote, if you have interest to know, please go back to reading.
This post we are going to discuss three types of use PCB layout online quote.

Normal application PCB board layout online quote

PCB board have widely applied, not only meet traditional electronics industry, but also use two new smart industries, like smart home.
To make high performance smart home products, more and more engineer choose a radio frequency PCB board.
Because the normal PCB board can meet some special application.
In other words, if you are just developing some traditional products, you can choose PCB layout online quote.
Or you have to contact your PCB supplier to custom board.

Controlled impedance or not?

PCB layout relates many factors, so it’s hard for a new PCB designer to consider controlled impedance efficient.
But if you ask a decades PCB expert, you will give you very different answer about it.
Here are some types of them told Angel.
No controlled impedance PCB board, also called normal PCB board was easy to layout.
But if you consider the controlled impedance, it’s likely a multilayer board layout.

The shape of PCB design online quote

Now the electronic products have more change.
Resulted in PCB manufacturers must produce match PCB shape.
But for normal multilayer PCB layout online quote, normal PCB shape can easy to quote.
Complex PCB shape related to add tool hole or other process, it’s hard to quote.
Three factors of use PCB layout online quote