The factor related to thermal conductive PCB heat transfer performance

This post Frank wants to discuss the factor related to thermal conductive PCB heat transfer performance.
In fact, we have introduced some factors of multilayer MCPCB thermal conductive.
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First of all we have to introduce two type PCB board compare.

Here is a picture about conventional PCB and thermal conductive PCB compares:

From this picture, we can get some points:
Thermal conductive PCB has better heat transfer than conventional PCB board.
Thermal conductive PCBs were 4-16 times heat transfer.
So we can easily to Summary that heat transfer related to the materials.

Secondly, Frank want to three type construction of the thermal conductive PCB.

If you didn’t know any construction about MCPCB, it will may some difficult to understand those three types.
Anyway, we will introduce the conventional MCPCB type firstly, and if you have any question about this topic, please contact us.

On conventional MCPCB board, there were three layers in it.
Like below picture show of single layer MCPCB construction.

If you add a t-lam dsl layer on top of one layer MCPCB, then will be a two layer MCPCB construction.
Look below picture show of two layers MCPCB construction.

In fact the multi-layer MCPCB construction were depended on two layers MCPCB construction.
Look below picture show about multi-layer MCPCB construction: