Rebel LED Round MCPCB Assemblies introduce

It’s not very difficult thing, but there were few PCB guy to know the detail skill about Rebel LED Round MCPCB Assemblies.
So this post Allen wants to discuss something related to Rebel LED Round MCPCB.
Here is the list of Featuring our high thermal efficiency MCPCB

Rebel LED PCB have a Flexible connected method

If you have learned something related to MCPCB assembly theory.
You must know some of MCPCB type just allow use series or just use parallel connected method.
But rebel LED PCB was not, LEDs can be connected in series or parallel.

Customizable Rebel LED PCB

Almost every MCPCB manufacturer says they can custom any shape LED PCB.
But most of them just produce one or two types.
Fully customizable with any LED color combination, to achieve this aim you have to learn more MCPCB knowledge.
Then follow these guides to pick up good supplier.

Rebel LED PCB compatible with other components

This point also very important that assembly all components.
You know the product performance is due to every performance special rebel LED PCB component’s.
Polymer LED cell cluster optic compatible.
Rebel LED Round MCPCB Assemblies introduce