LED lights circuit board difference with normal PCB

This post will discuss two different type PCB board.
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What is the normal PCB board?

Here Allen don’t want to use the wiki definition of the normal PCB board, if you want to see it, please search on google.
When you unscrew the circuit board and take it out, you can see that the circuit board is a thin piece of fiberglass that has thin copper “wires” etched onto its surface.

LED light circuit board is different from the normal PCB board

The first is about construction layer.
LED light circuit board has three layers, top is the circuit layer, dielectric layer and the thermal conduction layer.
But most of the normal PCB board, top layer and inner layer were both circuit layer.

The second difference is application.
You know most of MCPCB board use LED lighting industry.
But the normal PCB board can use all electronic industries.
LED lights circuit board difference with normal PCB