How to mitigate risk in flex vias of flexible printed circuit?

Why we should mitigate risk in flex vias of flexible printed circuit?

If you have read articles about flex circuits trace design rule, you may know the flexing area design is key.
And the second reason is that most small flexible printed circuit manufacturers have this risk.
Some of the flexible printed circuits were possible for vows to crack or break peel.
In rich, flexible printed circuit designer’s experiences, this risk can be avoided during the design process.
So this paper will focus on mitigating risk in flex vials of flexible printed circuit.

3 Must Knows For Your First Flexible Printed Circuit Design

The first tip is make sure the views are teardrop.

Most rich flexible printed circuit expertience designers know was added teardrop are so important to protect circuit trace.

Second tip is anchored or tabs also needing added.

Some green guys think anchors or tabs is not necessary for flexible printed circuit.
If you have visited a flexible printed circuit plant, you will find most of FPCs were added anchors or tabs.

Last but not the least, annular ring design as large as possible.

This tip may similar with first flexible printed circuit design tips.
But there are some differences between vials teardrop with annular rings.
The annular ring design didn’t connect with line trace.
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