How to Drilling LED TV circuit board?

In this series articles of introduce the detail manufacturing process of LED TV circuit board.
This post will discuss the drilling process of LED TV PCB.

There were three methods of PCB drill in normal.

Drill hole

If you have visit a LED TV circuit board manufacturer, you may have deep impression in the drill room.
Because most of PCB drill process were very fast.

The components that have to be attached to the multi-layered PCB can be done only by VIAS drilling.
That is, a pated through hole (also named PTH)is drilled in the shape of annular rings.
Small drill bits that are made out of tungsten carbide is used for the drilling.
This part is focus on prototype PCB or low volume LED PCB.

High volume production hole

If you have experience in PCB drill room, you must hate the sizes of drill.
Because there were so many PCB drill types, it’s too hard to remember those detail number.
A dremel drill press is normally used to punch the holes.
Usually, a 0.035 inch drill bit is used.
For high volume production automated drilling machines are used.

Laser hole

The last but not the least, if you have high end or other unique requirements, above two method may don’t work.
By the way, this is the fastest drill method for LED TV circuit board.
Sometimes, very small holes may have to be drilled, and mechanical methods may permanently damage the PCB.
In such cases, laser drilled VIAS may be used to produce an interior surface finish inside the holes.

How to Drilling LED TV circuit board?