Do you know The cure process of rigid PCB?

Why we should the cure process of rigid PCB?

First of all we should know when will be taking a cure process during rigid PCB.
Usually after silk screen process, due to the ink not dried.
All rigid PCB companies will arrange the cure process.

The second factor in the cure process of rigid PCB

We have mentioned that after the silk screen process will do the curative process of rigid PCB.
In fact, not only after silk screen legend process, but also finally cure the epoxy ink solder mask process.

The different ink material has to set differ cure time.

Due to different ink material have each own performance.
So the cure worker should set very different cure time.
And cure time of the epoxy ink solder mask different from the legend silk screen’s.
From 4MCPCB rigid PCB experts, the cure time took the range from 90 or more in a batch oven.
The exact cure time should depend every rigid PCB manufacturing experience.

The cure oven equipment of the rigid PCB

There were many types of the cure oven equipment.
Above we have discussed the cure time by the rigid PCB board.
In fact, this cure time also depends on the cure oven equipment.
Some big rigid PCB manufacturers using a 5 stage conveyorised oven.
And save much time, even takes less than 10 minutes a batch oven.