Did you really know PCB Dielectric Materials?

If you think the PCB dielectric materials are very simple, that you may be wrong.
Because most PCB board manufacturers have a PCB material designer, to ensure the dielectric materials are OK during the new project.

What are the real PCB dielectric materials?

A dielectric material is a substance that is a poor conductor of electricity, and used as an insulating layer in the PCB build up.
But during the PCB manufacturing process, most people just think it’s a PCB layer.
In fact, most PCB manufacturing workers were wrong with this definition.

What are the best dielectrics in our normal life?

This part content may not very close to the PCB dielectric material, but it can help understand this definition more clearly.
Porcelain, mica, glass, plastics and some metal oxides are good dielectrics.
The lower the dielectric loss, (the proportion of energy lost as heat) the more effective the dielectric material.

What is the phenomenon of dielectric breakdown?

If the voltage across a dielectric material becomes too great
— that is, if the electrostatic field becomes too intense
— the material will suddenly begin to conduct current.
This phenomenon is called dielectric breakdown.

The good PCB dielectric materials introduce

Rogers 4350 is less likely to demonstrate a dielectric breakdown condition than FR-4.
Did you really know PCB Dielectric Materials?