Why so many engineers use instant PCB quote?

Due to they have traditional PCB quote method and have many cooperation customers.

To discuss a PCB quote, many traditional PCB manufacturers may don’t have much interest in this new method instant PCB quote.
This post Angel want to discuss some factors related to the new PCB quote method.
We will from two difference PCB quote give you the reason why so many engineers use instant PCB quote.

More instant PCB quote service from new supplier

Here we mention the new PCB supplier just contain that very professional PCB manufacturing.
Above we have discuss the attitude of traditional PCB manufacturers.
But to some new PCB suppliers, like 4MCPCB.com it’s was so young to this huge PCB board manufacturing industry.
So more and more new professional supplier provide instant PCB quote service.

More startup companies engineer choose an instant PCB quote

Now there were more and more smart home startup companies.
Most of them will develop some difference new smart home products.
But most of traditional PCB manufacturers can’t meet so much number and so few prototype PCB.
So most of the startup company’s engineers choose an instant PCB quote to developing their new project.
Why so many engineers use instant PCB quote?