Three applications of PCB flexible circuits

Why we discuss PCB flexible circuits?

We are going to talk about PCB flexible circuits, not PFC flexible circuits.
Even though I know Pfc flexible circuits is our competition, and very similar our topic of PCB flexible circuits.
Emma also wants to discuss something related to PCB flexible circuits.
Most important is that deal one or more flexible order not our goal, 4MCPCB vision is custom your more PCBs to smart life.

PCB flexible circuits can save space in Static application

Many people do not know what is static application.
You can simply those small electronic products are PCB, flexible circuits static application.
All static applications require tightly assembly, electronic packages, this mean the space of PCB board become smaller.
And some static applications required in 3 axes electronic connections, link smart cameras.
That’s the reason why so many static products use PCB flexible circuits.

PCB flexible circuits widely used in Dynamic application

Dynamic applications is that required to flex during its normal use.
The mobile phone may be the most normally dynamic application, and also the biggest PCB flexible circuit application.
Dynamic application products not only require save space as static applications’, but also more strict requirement.
During the normal used, must connected at any angle or area.

PCB flexible circuits are also used in Speed applications

In a car or rockets and satellites PCB application may ignore by most people.
Even some of PCB, flexible circuit designer also don’t much detail, due to some companies do not produce any PCB for speed products.
Electrical connections between sub-assemblies to replace wire harnesses, which are heavier and bulkier, such as in cars, rockets and satellites.
Electrical connections where the board thickness or space constraints are driving factors.

PCB flexible circuits