The theory of repair multilayer PCB you should know

Before to introduce the theory of repair multilayer PCB

If you have read article about the how to copy a multilayer PCB, you will understand this theory more easy.
And it doesn’t matter read those contents due to David will introduce as simply as possible.

The real theory of repair multilayer PCB

How to repair multilayer PCB may confuse by most hobby.
The main reason was they did understand repair multilayer PCB theory.
Here is David understand version, if you have any questions please contact us.
Use the microscope and Micro-Drill System and cut through the base material, one layer at a time, until the desired inner layer has been reached.

Clear the surface of the multilayer PCB

Some green PCBer may think the clear surface of multilayer PCB were also belong to preparing repair work.
David thinks most preparing working just focus, tools, and related to surface or multilayer PCB began repair step.
Remove components from the immediate area if necessary and clean the area.

Two notices when you clear the surface of multilayer PCB
Before you start clear your multilayer PCB board, please read two tips below:

The first is about the security of the circuit

Great care should be taken to prevent further damage to internal circuits.
Each internal circuit should have a flat section exposed to allow the new circuit to be soldered in place.

The second is about the use method of knife

To reduce damage to the internal circuit, complete the final exposure of the internal circuit using a knife.

The theory of repair multilayer PCB you should know