The testing of Flexible Circuits introduce

Why we discus the testing of Flexible Circuits?

Rich experience flexible circuits plant performs inspection and testing during each FPC manufacturing process.
To ensure all produce FPC boards meet customers’ requirements.
But how to test flexible circuits, and can other FPC factory also uses those testing theories or methods?
I mean not detail FPC test technical issue, all testing limited have require in FPC standards.

The items of flexible circuits testing

Emma don’t want to discus the detail testing method of flexible circuit.
We just want all people can remember the items of flexible circuits testing.
Here we have list top four items of flexible circuits testing:

Electrical functional and continuity testing
Impedance testing
Automated optical inspection (AOI) of inner layers and finished flex assemblies
In-circuit testing (ICT) of assembled rigid flex

Note of flexible circuits testing

Under flexible circuit testing can ensure you most FPC were OK.
But not mean all of them can meet highest quality FPC.
In some high end products assembly case, also need worker to check the flexible circuit again.
And the second method asks a third part FPC test company to have a tasting.
Some time the reports of third FPC test companies can more authority.
The testing of Flexible Circuits introduce