The Pre-Bake Specifications of flex circuit assembly process

The flex circuit assembly process is very complex.
This paper will focus on pre-bake process discussion.
In fact, there were many guys don’t know what the pre-bake process.
4MCPCB rich flex circuit assembly expert told Emma that the pro-baking process is very necessary.
Emma has summary some factors of the pro-bake of flex circuit assembly process.

Why we should pre-bake during flex circuit assembly?

You know all boards were stored before in the depot flex circuit assembly.
There may flash to steam inside of flex circuit boards.
And most of those out-gas with considerable negative results.
If do not through pre-bake process, flex circuit assembly is hard to do.

The benefits of flex circuit assembly pro-bake process

It’s easy to assembly components when the flex circuit through the pro – bake process.
Applying a pre-bake cycle and eliminating retained moisture will improve assembly yields.
The second benefit of of flex circuit assembly pro-bake process is improving reliability.
You know the reliability of flex circuit board must ensure prevent delamination and blistering.