How to place a PCB layout design quote?

This post will discuss the common sense of PCB layout design quote.
We will introduce detail about the PCB layout design quote.

First of all you should know the detail info about the PCB designer supplier.

Because there were some small PCB designer companies can’t give you very good solution of the PCB design.
Although some of those companies give your PCB design, outsourced to other companies.
They also can’t give you on time delivery.
So if you can check the PCB design quote supplier in the first, you will avoid to waste time for it.

Secondly is about the experience of the PCB layout design quote.

In some of traditional PCB factories or small PCB layout design service companies, ask some new guys to quote process.
Most of those companies didn’t know how important of PCB layout design quote process to next PCB manufacturing.
Result in most those PCB companies can service some hobby PCB design board project.
How to place a PCB layout design quote?