From traditional PCB assembly quote method to explain online quote speed

Today, Angel wants to discuss the speed of PCB assembly quote online.
But Angel wants to from traditional PCB assembly quote process to explain why online quotes become so popular.

How to place a right traditional PCB assembly quote?

PCB manufacturing industry is very traditionally, not only the technical used or material chooses, but also the PCB assembly quote method.
If you ask a decades experience PCB expert, how to place a PCB assembly quote.
You likely to get the answer below:
Customers had to email their Bill of Materials (BOM) and Gerber files and wait to get a turnkey PCB quote within 24-48 hours.

Why Traditional PCB assembly quote method is so slow

You can may get confuse answer to traditional PCB assembly quote.
Here Angel wants to give you a detail process about traditional PCB assembly quote.
When customers emailed their BOM and Gerber files, it was time consuming to find the printed circuit board components, calculate a price list, and obtain all other pertinent information, such as replacement parts.
Above is the ideal condition to get a traditional PCB assembly, if there were some difficulties in your quote, you will get the quote more slowly.

PCB assembly quote online have advantages

The first advantage is the speed of PCB assembly quote online.
In some new smart home companies, get a fast PCB assembly quote is very important.
Because they always want to develop a new product quicker than competitors.
The new Online Quote Generator automates the process.
Customers can get a quote instantly.
Some most startup smart home company engineers choose PCB assembly quote online.
From traditional PCB assembly quote method to explain online quote speed