Discuss The factors related to MCPCB price

The factors related to MCPCB price

Features and processes like copper, ENIG/Imm Au, board size, high end dielectric prepreg, complex CNC routing or V-scoring and number of layers are the key cost factors.

Someone suggested on website about MCPCB price

Stick with an aluminum base PCB alloy, 1-2 oz. Cu foil and a dielectric material that provides 1-2 W/MK of thermal conductivity help.
Engineers and production management from MCPCB purchaser suggest sticking to the bare basics for MCPCB designs.
Then focus on keeping the surface finish to a lead free HAL or OSP and the profiling of the board simple enough for V-scoring instead of CNC routing.
This is your entry level MCPCB and electrical engineers should stick with this if they can.

Allen view about the MCPCB price

Every one wants to buy cheapest MCPCB with high quality.
Unfortunately, most cheap MCPCB quality was just so so.
But there were another solution to handle this issue.
You can find a decade MCPB manufacturing, supplier, because most good MCPCB price with high quality of those companies.
Discuss The factors related to MCPCB price