Bare board E-test effective factor introduces

The definition of Bare Board

Before discuss bare board E-testing process, we should learn the definition of bare board first.
Bare Board, simple says an unassembled PCB.
A PCB has all lines, pads and layers intact, but without components installed.

How to make a bare board ensure good?

To most customers, bare board quality is very important.
The bare board quality related to many factors, like flexible PCB design, E-test process etc.
As a flexible bare board manufacturer from China, we can provide 100% E-testing.
Usually the work Gerber file will confirm with customers, in other words, the board has been designed correctly.

Then is the E-test factor for bare board quality.
For some small flexible PCB factories, E-test process may choose some of the bare flexible board.
Ideally, when a bare board is tested, then you can be guaranteed that it is 100 percent a good board.

Some accident during flexible bare board E-test

On professional, flexible bare board engineer mind, E-test is the most incoming test method.
This mean use E-test bare board also has some accidents.
If you have some bare board through the E – test process, you will fund some bare board that has a problem, may can still pass a bare board E-test and not function correctly.
This accident does not happen very often, but occasionally it does.

The solution of failing during E-testing bare board

In our normal bare board E-testing process, we will analytics the fail rate of bare board.
If we see an increase in the number of bare board failing test, we can go back and review our processes to improve the quality.
If you want to learn the improve the bare board quality method, please contact us.

Bare board E-test effective factor introduces