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4MCPCB leading China LED PCB board Manufactures.

As you know, 4MCPCB is one of global key suppliers for high quality flex PCB fabrication and turnkey assembly services based in China. We have been providing affordable professional flexible PCBs for years. We thrive for quality, we’re committed to adhering to the strictest standards during production, procuring materials and components from authorized distributors.

4MCPCB also offers standard single Printed Circuit Boards, multilayer PCBs and MCPCB boards for worldwide customers since 2015.

All PCBs from meets the highest IPC Standards, always assuring customers the highest quality demands. is a young team.
We want to bring some changes to MCPCB industry, even PCB industry.


As a solution-oriented company with sophisticated customers we aim to continuously inspire by innovation. Our vision to be a leading  printed circuit board supplier is not just in our brain Рwe implement it on a daily basis.

We do this by offering world-class service, fairness, technology, choice, convenience, speed and reliability.